SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace

SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace The quietest high-efficiency furnace you can buy! Imagine a furnace that not only makes you feel perfectly comfortable, but will make you feel even better [...]

SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace The quietest furnace in its class. The SL280V is designed to deliver cozy and reliable warmth, while keeping operating sounds at a minimum. It’s also engineered [...]

EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace Enjoy consistent temperatures with a two-stage heating system. Engineered for maximum comfort, the EL280 furnace has two levels of heating—high heat for extremely cold [...]

XP16 Heat Pump

XP16 Heat Pump This unit is a high-efficiency, two-stage comfort system. Exceptional home comfort and money-saving performance are yours with the XP16. Advanced two-stage technology uses only the [...]

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