The Benefits of a Furnace Tune-up

Our tune-up service and professional cleaning is designed to restore your unit to near factory fresh condition. Precision Tune-Ups and Professional Cleanings are valued at $191, however we offer our Tune-Ups at a $88 special. The furnace tune up service consists of these 24 individual operations:

  1. Run test the furnace
  2. Inspect interior of the furnace for rust or mold.
  3. Inspect exterior of the furnace
  4. Safety check furnace heat exchanger with probe
  5. Test all furnace safeties
  6. Test blower motor amperage
  7. Clean burners
  8. Inspect flue and exhaust port for obstructions
  9. Audit blower operation
  10. Run Safety Check on Compressor
  11. Adjust wiring compartment tightening and checking connections on furnace
  12. Calibrate thermostat to ensure proper operation
  13. Provide instruction on maintenance
  14. Safety check condenser fan blades.
  15. Complete supply and return plenum Inspection
  16. Test contactors for burned or pitted contacts
  17. Water heater connection inspection
  18. Inspect service valves for proper operation/ leaks
  19. Check for carbon monoxide detectors
  20. Remove and clean existing air filters
  21. Measure temperature difference in supply/return
  22. Inspect humidification system if applicable
  23. Search combustion air vents for leaks and obstructions
  24. Provide Excellent Customer Service

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What can I expect from a furnace tune up?

Our 24 Point furnace tune up is a thorough calibration and cleaning of your heater or furnace. This service will increase the effectiveness of your furnace as well as extend the life of the furnace unit. Our furnace tune-up service is risk free. If you don’t see a decrease in your heating bills in the next year after our tune up service, we will refund 100% of the cost of the service to you, no questions asked.

All common manufacturers and utility services recommend a preventative maintenance service be performed on a furnace unit at least once a year to prevent costly breakdowns and unnecessary wear and tear.

Furnace units (much like car engines) work by moving air with mechanical means and heating components. It is important to make sure that your heating system be properly calibrated, lubricated and cleaned in order to prevent breakdowns and increase furnace efficiency. Here is an article on Angie’s list that may also help you as a homeowner on how to protect your furnace for the winter

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