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My Air Conditioner takes too long to achieve the ideal temperature in some rooms.

A temporary fix is to cover windows with shades or curtains to prevent heat transfer from windows that will prompt the system to work harder than it should. If you live in a two story home, it may be helpful to have your heating and air professional take a look at the set-up of your ducts and registers. Zoning your home could be the long-term solution.

How often should I have the HVAC system professionally maintained?

This will depend on the location of the home and how often the system is used. If you live in an area that’s very dusty and the system is constantly used, it would be smart to have the system professional serviced every change of the season. But for most homes, twice a year would do.

How much does HVAC maintenance cost?

This is different for every company based on the type of maintenance service package they offer. Our star membership program has a minimal monthly investment and ensures two visits per year with other exclusive discounts and benefits. 

Why does the size of my home comfort system matter?

Your trusted heating and air conditioning contractor will evaluate the size of the home as well as other elements that can affect the system’s efficiency. Alternatively, you can use the calculator provided on the Energy Star website for accurate sizing. Many older homes do not meet today’s standards when it comes to the proper size and efficiency rating of your heating and air system.

When you use the right size system for your home, you can control energy consumption without compromising performance. Likewise, you can be sure the system will last longer, when it is the proper fit.

What is SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It indicates the efficiency of an AC unit. The general idea here is that if you want great efficiency, choose a unit with higher SEER. Manufacturers have a range of SEER ratings starting from 13 up to 20 for residential homes.

How can I increase the life span of my heating and air equipment?

It’s important to clean your filter once a month as well as schedule regular professional maintenance. Preventing dust build-up will protect the interior components of the system so they work effectively and efficiently. This is especially important if you have pets in the home.

The right location for the system is also a factor in the lifespan of your home comfort system. For air conditioners, it’s best to place them somewhere that doesn’t get direct sunlight. This will prevent them from overworking and consuming more energy in order to properly cool rooms.

Last, make sure that there are no air leaks in the rooms in your home. This is something you can ask your heating and air technician about on your next professional maintenance.

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