Why Is My Heating System Blowing Cold Air?

Furnaces that blow only cold air create understandable concerns. Who wants to suffer in a chilly house? Fortunately, complicated problems aren’t always the cause of something that goes wrong with a furnace.

Panic may set in at the first sign of the trouble, but don’t get excited. Instead, troubleshoot the system for the most uncomplicated and common issues first. If they don’t turn out the be the issue, then call in a professional.

Look at the Thermostat

If your furnace is blowing cool air, the first place to check is the thermostat. Be sure that the unit is set to the heat setting rather than simply the fan setting. A furnace set only to fan will blow unheated air throughout the home.

Time for a New Filter

A dirty filter can cause many problems for a furnace. While the filter can be easy to replace, people often forget and don’t change it. In time, the filter clogs up with dirt and doesn’t support a properly running furnace anymore.

One problem, among many, involves blocking air and causing the heat exchanger to overheat. Once this happens, the heater shuts off the exchanger and you end up with cold air blowing out of the vents.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

If the furnace does overheat and the emergency shut-off switch doesn’t work, the furnace’s heat exchanger can crack. Once that happens, don’t expect any hot air to blow out. A furnace that has this happen will require some major repairs.

Flame Sensor Troubles

The flame sensor makes sure the burners remain ignited. Soot buildup inside the furnace can dirty the flame sensor, undermining the ability to light the burners. In this case, the sensor will need cleaning.

Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning can assist with furnace problems both minor and significant. Repair services and routine maintenance from our pros can help Concord residents get and keep their furnaces running. We also offer cooling and indoor air quality services. Pick up the phone and get in touch with Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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