Air Conditioners: Old Versus New

Maybe you have been putting off buying a new air conditioner because you feel your current unit is sufficient for your needs. With technological advancements making air conditioning systems more efficient, it’s important to see just how much you could save from replacing your older AC. Read on to learn more about the differences between old and new air conditioning models.

How New Air Conditioners Differ From Older Models

AC advancements are constantly being made in the areas of efficiency, technological options such as integration with the “internet of things,” and government-pushed changes in the area of more eco-friendly refrigerant. These factors play an important role in saving you money and providing added convenience to your air conditioning needs.

Increased Efficiency

Your old AC unit most likely has a lower SEER rating than any of the new models on the market. A SEER rating describes how much cooling an air conditioner provides in relation to the power it consumes. Higher ratings mean more cooling for less electricity used. An older AC can consume in excess of 50% more energy than a new model.

Technological Options

Many older air conditioners can’t maintain even temperature levels throughout a living space. While this can be corrected with a modulating system, it’s often a significant expense. Newer AC units can give you greater control over the temperature, which ends up adding to its efficiency.

There are also plenty of cool features associated with new systems. If you’ve ever wanted to be able to adjust your home temperature from your mobile phone, you can now do that thanks to IoT technology. This tech allows for connectivity with your appliance so that you can control its operation while you’re away.


The government is phasing out Freon, the refrigerant used by some older units. Instead, the more eco-friendly R-410A is becoming the standard. This new refrigerant is better for the environment and allows for new air conditioners to run with a lesser likelihood of wear and tear due to overheating.

Contact us at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning today if you’re considering replacing your old air conditioner in Concord, CA. We can help you evaluate what the best option is for your needs. Our team provides a variety of heating and cooling system services, including repairs and tune-ups.

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