Why Should You Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up?

Around the end of the year, it’s common for homeowners to receive reminders from different heating and cooling companies in their area to get a furnace tune-up scheduled.If you’ve been the recipient of this kind of missive, you get the idea that it’s an important task, but do you actually know why getting it done is essential? What is the purpose of a furnace tune-up? Why is it necessary to properly maintain your furnace?An annual tune-up is imperative to the efficiency of your furnace and the safety of your home.

To Ensure Proper Airflow

Part of the service is checking if your heating system is receiving the proper airflow because restricted or limited airflow unnecessarily strains your furnace, which could then cause it to function inefficiently, become faulty, and shorten its lifespan.

To Reduce the Need For Repairs and Replacements

Heating problems tend to occur in the winter time, just when having heat is essential. Most of the time, the issues could have been easily avoided if the furnace had been regularly maintained. Not only will a tune-up ensure that your furnace will be in good working condition, but it will also spot trouble signs that have the potential to lead to major repairs.

To Improve Energy Efficiency

With cleaning and inspection, your furnace burner and heat exchanger can be kept running smoothly. If the furnace burner or heat exchanger experiences any kind of strain, they are forced to consume more energy. This has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your entire home as well.

To Keep Your Home and Its Occupants Safe

The combustion process has to happen precisely, without any hitches. Even small issues can lead to a gas leak or an increase of carbon monoxide to dangerous levels. We’ve encountered reports of such a tragedy in the news before. It’s important to be vigilant about keeping your furnace in good condition.

To Avoid Inconvenience

When not maintained properly, your furnace will break down just when you use it the most. This could also mean when you need it the most. Do not wait for the problem to manifest itself. You should schedule a furnace tune up even before the cold weather arrives. As per the law of supply and demand, the service is generally cheaper in the warmer season.

To Keep Your Warranty

Keeping your furnace regularly maintained is usually a caveat in a manufacturer’s warranty.What is the purpose of a furnace tune-up? The importance of a furnace tune-up all boils down to safety, convenience, and money. The best way to prevent issues with your furnace is to schedule preventative maintenance with your local HVAC technician in Concord, CA. Contact the professionals at Hometown HVAC today.
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