Noises Your HVAC System May be Making

Is your furnace blower sounding strange? That is usually a sign of your HVAC system failing. No matter how new it is, your HVAC system can develop problems. Your HVAC system is supposed to run quietly, so when it starts producing some weird sounds, call in a pro to look it over and fix whatever issue is at hand.What are the funny noises your HVAC system is making? Here’s a guide for discerning what they could possibly signify.

With noises coming from the area of the motor, the following are the common diagnoses:

  • Squealing or screeching – Is your blower motor emitting squealing noises? This could indicate a problem with a belt or motor bearing. Replacing a belt is normally inexpensive, but it has to be done before it actually breaks because when it does, the blower will no longer turn. If the motor has an oil port, adding lubricant can usually solve the issue of a noisy motor. The correct oil has to be used though.
  • Rattling, clanking, thumping, and banging – These noises are usually telling of a blower assembly or motor problem.
    • Rattling and clanking – There’s a loose component.
    • Thumping and banging – Something has broken or disconnected.
Again, the key to avoiding costly repairs and hvac replacements is to get to the issue before it becomes a major problem. A trained professionals should investigate merest hint of noise right away. Don’t let it get to the point where the noise elevates to banging.
  • Thwapping – A fast thwapping sound, pretty much like the one made when shuffling cards, can mean that something is stuck in the blower blades. It could also be that something inside the housing is making contact with the blower as it turns. While the problem is really more annoying than critical, keep in mind that anything creating friction or resistance will wear out the components involved really fast.

With noises originating from the compressor and other parts, the following are the usual causes:

  • Clicking – While a clicking sound is normal when you turn HVAC units on and off, a repeated clicking sound stemming from the outside compressor or control panel is usually indicative of a defective relay. It’s possible that an electric control is causing its timeout and subsequent failure.
  • Rattling – Your compressor should not rattle, so when it does, the sound may indicate loose hardware or a failing motor.
  • Screaming – This typically indicates a failing compressor.
  • Humming – This usually means a bad motor or a failing starting capacitor.
Every one of the funny noises your HVAC system is making should be investigated by a qualified and experienced Walnut Creek HVAC technician as it likely involves a fundamental part, such as the motor or the compressor — something that no layperson should tinker with.
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