The Most Common Furnace Problems Your Home Will Likely Deal With

The Most Common Furnace Problems Your Home Will Likely Deal With

Furnaces do so much in keeping your home’s interior climate as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it’s likely to fail at some point because of the frequency with which it is used – and that is a situation that you and your family certainly would not want. In order to prevent the complete failure of these heating systems, it’s important to be able to identify the most common furnace problems so you can catch them at their initial stages, when they’re much easier and cheaper to fix.

Listed below are the typical furnace problems your household is likely to experience:

Loud noises

These usually indicate that the system is working harder than usual. This problem may be caused by dirty filters or mechanical components that are ready to give out.

Reduced Airflow

This is another indication that the filters have become incredibly dirty. You can clean the filters yourself if you know how to do so, but it would be better to hire the pros to take care of the job so they can inspect the furnace completely and see what other factors may be contributing to the reduced airflow.

Pilot Light Won’t Turn On

When the pilot light won’t turn on, you won’t be able to use the furnace for heating. This may be due to an electrical issue that only HVAC specialists can properly take care of.

Faulty Thermostat

Your house won’t achieve the right or comfortable indoor temperature if you have a faulty thermostat. This is another technical issue that is best left to the skilled hands of HVAC experts.

Inadequate Heating Even If The Furnace Is Already On Full Blast

This normally happens when the filter’s clogged with filth or if the furnace is simply the wrong size for the space it’s heating. Filters are easy enough to clean, but the wrong size of furnace requires a replacement for adequate heating, or you may have to make the room smaller and more compatible to the size of the heating system.


This problem is normally caused by airflow problems or wear and tear.

The Blower Runs Continuously

This can mean that there’s something wrong with the limit switch. A professional is needed for the replacement of the switch.

Frequent Cycling

This usually indicates a clogged filter preventing proper airflow, or an incorrect thermostat setting. These are the most common furnace problems that you may encounter at home. The key to resolving these issues is to catch them early; therefore, inspect your furnace frequently to see whether it’s operating properly or there’s something irregular about the system that needs the attention of an HVAC professional in Walnut Creek.

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