Shopping for an Energy Efficient HVAC System

Shopping for an Energy efficient HVAC System

Upgrading to an energy efficient HVAC system is one of the biggest investments that you will probably make toward your home. And despite of the high upfront costs, you can get good returns over the long term. But how exactly do you know that you are purchasing an energy-efficient system? Here are a few crucial points to consider. Check both the SEER number and HSPF rating The Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio or SEER number can be found on the cooling unit and tells you how efficient it is. The Heating Season Performance Factor or HFSP, on the other hand, is found on the heating unit and tells you how efficient it is. Simply put, the higher both numbers are, the more efficient the HVAC system will be. Choosing the right system size No matter how efficient an HVAC system is, that efficiency can be undermined when it is installed on a property that is either too big or too small for it. Improperly sized systems simply waste energy. The best way to determine the right size for an HVAC system is to get the help of professionals.

The best type of HVAC system for your home

HVAC systems come in a variety of configurations which can complicate matters further when you are shopping for one. MAny homeowners think that replacing their furnace or AC is a simple change out. Sometimes it can be, but it depends on the size of your home, size and location of your current unit and several other factors a professional will determine. In order to determine which type of system will fit your needs, you can ask an HVAC contractor for suggestions. HVAC professionals will take into account your heating and cooling needs and discuss the pros and cons of each option.

HVAC Warranties

Be aware that not all warranties are the same. Some manufacturers offer longer terms while others provide warranties that cover different aspects. When you are shopping for a new system, carefully check the terms of these warranties. And when you have finally made the purchase, be mindful of the things that can void the warranty.

Moisture control

Just like the size of the HVAC system, its ability to control moisture in your home is equally important. Too much dryness inside your home can make it uncomfortable for you and your family members, cause damage to items made out of wood, and even facilitate the growth of microorganisms. On the converse side of the coin, if there is too much humidity inside the home, molds and bacteria can wreak serious havoc and undermine your overall comfort as well. When shopping for an HVAC system, look for control elements that will allow you to find the right balance in terms of moisture.

Just the beginning

Be aware that upgrading to an energy-efficient system does not necessarily translate to instant energy bills savings. You also have to make sure that your home has been modified to complement your new HVAC system. That may mean upgrading your insulation and ductwork. Sealing doors and windows will also have an impact on your monthly utility bills. 
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