Furnace Break Down | 4 Reasons Your Furnace Will Break Down This Winter

Furnace Break Down | 4 Reasons Your Furnace Will Break Down This Winter

The last thing you really want to happen during the winter is for your furnace to break down on you. When the weather’s triggering arthritis attacks and requiring you to pile on lots of clothing, all you want is for your home to be cozy. However, if the furnace isn’t working properly, then the coldest season of the year can be a truly awful one to go through.What you have to realize is that a furnace break down does not happen for no good reason. If you keep up with maintenance, it will work properly when you need it to. However if you fail to properly maintain your system, the furnace will breed all sorts of issues that will render it useless.

Here are the four reasons you might experience a furnace break down this winter:

The bearings, belts and/or motor are broken

When the bearings, belts and/or the motor have been overworked, and not cleaned and lubricated properly after and prior to use, there’s always a big possibility that they will break and that your furnace won’t work. This is a fairly simple furnace repair assuming your local HVAC repairman has access to quickly replacing the part. 

Gas line issues

When there’s an issue with the gas line, the furnace will not work at all. Gas line problems come about due to various reasons. Whatever these reasons may be, don’t ever attempt to seek them out and solve them on your own. Anything that involves gas presents many risks and, therefore, requires the skills of a professional HVAC technician. You’ll know your furnace is dealing with gas issues if the pilot light or the gas jets refuse to turn on.

Ignition failure

This is another common problem for both electric and modern gas furnaces because they use an electric ignition. When the ignition doesn’t work, it’s just impossible for the heating process to commence. It really is like trying to turn on the lights with a broken switch. It could be the failure of several different parts contributing to this issue. This problem is easy enough to fix, but it will require the mechanical know-how of HVAC professionals.

Wear and tear

The different components of a furnace can get worn down over time, especially if the furnace is used quite frequently. This is the very reason why it’s essential for regular maintenance to be carried out. With regular maintenance, HVAC professionals can assess how intact these components are. Professionals can also help determine how much longer they have when it comes to their functional lifespan. Timely repairs and replacements can be carried out after the inspection for wear and tear.Regardless of why you have experienced a furnace break down, it's a good idea to call a professional. As always if you live in the Concord or Walnut Creek area, Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help get your furnace back up and running as quickly as possible. It's no fun to be cold, so we leave a few emergency appointment available in our schedule daily to accommodate unexpected break downs.If you are in need of a furnace repair, please don't hesitate to give the experts at Walnut Creek Heating and Air a call to schedule an appointment!
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    Patricia Wilson

    I appreciate that you explained how a gas line can be causing a furnace to stop functioning properly. It has been rather chilly lately and we’ve been using the furnace for hours at length. We were surprised that it broke down all of a sudden and it’s a good thing that I came across your article when I did. My husband was thinking of getting fixed himself but now that I know better I sure won’t let him. I’ll just ask him to call a professional to make an inspection and conduct a repair if necessary. Thanks for the heads up!

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