How Does a Thermostat Control an HVAC System?

Thermostat | The Important Roll it Plays in Your HVAC System

One of the key components of an HVAC system is the thermostat. Most HVAC systems have their own already built in. However, more and more folks these days are gravitating toward the more high-tech programmable thermostats on the market. Whichever of these you use, you can expect better control of your energy consumption and temperature inside your home. Aside from providing those two benefits, a thermostat, particularly a programmable one, does much more. If you’re asking “How does a thermostat control an HVAC system?” here are the different ways it does that.

Scheduling Your HVAC System

You can schedule the operation of your system through your thermostat. The ones built into AC or HVAC systems have wake, leave, return and sleep settings; with these, you can set when the system’s supposed to turn on and off. This is a great source of convenience especially when you’re trying to save energy and money by turning the system off when nobody’s home and making sure it turns on just in time for your return.

Adjusting Temperatures 

The thermostat is also known to adjust temperatures according to the house’s actual cooling or heating needs. You can be sure the interior environment at home is consistently the most ideal without overworking the HVAC system.

High tech Wi-Fi Thermostats

High tech Wi-Fi thermostats will actually allow you to program your HVAC system even when you’re not at home. This is an important advantage if you frequently go out of town or go on long vacations and you want to turn the system on and off every now and then to protect temperature-sensitive appliances or furniture, or if you want your home properly “conditioned” by the time you get home from your trip. There are also some thermostats that have been designed to adapt to your habits and the air temperature.

Convenience and Efficiency 

All in all, thermostats are a source of convenience for homeowners because they enhance the functionality of HVAC systems. There are many models on the market that you can choose from; some capitalize on the power of today’s advanced digital technology and they can do so much more in ensuring the most comfortable interior climate for the home. There are also those that have safety controls so that HVAC systems will not be the cause of fires and other safety issues. If you’re interested in purchasing a new programmable thermostat, talk to your HVAC specialist in Walnut Creek  at Hometown HVAC and find out what their top picks are among the options available these days. 
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