Why Do I Need a Furnace Maintenance?

Why Do I Need a Furnace Maintenance?

Just like your house and your car, your home’s furnace needs to be regularly maintained.

You might ask, “But why do I need a furnace maintenance?”

Here are a few of the reasons why your home’s heater needs an annual furnace maintenance.

Improved Performance

Regular maintenance ensures that your home’s heating system receives the optimal amount of airflow. If the furnace receives inadequate airflow, this can result in unnecessary strain on the system. In turn, that can lead to costly repairs and shorten the overall lifespan of the system.

Fewer Repairs

And speaking of repairs, unexpected system breakdowns can lead to discomfort for your family. Apart from avoiding that inconvenience, regular check-ups and maintenance allow you to remedy small problems before these turn into complex issues which cost more to resolve.


Whatever fuel your furnace uses, it needs to burn that fuel efficiently in order to eliminate safety hazards. Gas or carbon monoxide leaks, even in considerably small levels, can adversely affect the health and safety of your family.

Energy Efficiency

During the maintenance process, the professionals you hire should check and clean the different components of the furnace, especially the burner and heat exchanger. When these components are functioning optimally, the furnace uses fuel efficiently. This translates to greater cost savings over the long term.

HVAC System Warranty

If your furnace is still under warranty, regular maintenance ensures that the warranty is not voided. Most manufacturers say that their warranties become void should homeowners fail to regularly maintain their furnaces.

How often should your home’s furnace be inspected and maintained? According to HVAC professionals, furnaces should be checked once a year, preferably before the start of the cold season, just before you have to actually use it. This will ensure that once the temperature drops, your furnace system is already in good running order.

What should you expect during a routine annual inspection and tune-up? That will depend on the type of furnace you have installed in your home. But broadly speaking, there are a few things that you should expect, no matter what type of furnace you have. These include checking the thermostat, changing the air filter, checking gas flow, cleaning the burner, and inspecting the heat exchanger and air handler.

For your part, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your furnace functions properly. These include vacuuming the blower unit, looking for signs of air leaks in the ductwork, checking the accuracy of the thermostat, and cleaning and/or replacing the filter.

Contact your local hvac company in Concord to schedule a preventative maintenance on your furnace before the cold weather arrives!

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