5 Reasons the Air Flow in Your Home Is Uneven

Uneven Air Flow | 5 Reasons the Air Flow in Your Home Is Uneven

Good air flow is an essential component of keeping a comfortable, healthy and beautiful home.

  • When you have proper ventilation, airborne pollutants and contaminants are minimized, making the air in your indoor living spaces fresher and healthier.
  • The supply of air flowing throughout your home dilutes unpleasant odors and stale smells within your rooms.  
  • Mold and mildew, which are prevailing causes of allergies and other health problems, won’t grow in a well-ventilated space.  
  • Good ventilation prevents excessive moisture build-up in the property which can cause damage to various areas of your home and compromise its structural integrity.   

It’s easy to tell if air can’t freely or evenly flow throughout the home. One of the tell-tale signs is the presence of bad smells. It can be a musty scent emanating from the walls of your house. Perhaps, stubborn odors from cooking, pets or your trashcan tend to linger in your home. It can be the stuffy, damp feel all around. When you notice constant irritation in the eyes and respiratory system among household members, this may also indicate exposure to indoor allergens that occupy the contaminated air inside your home.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your home ventilation, the following 5 reasons the air flow in your home is uneven may provide an explanation:

Your furnace filter is dirty

Dust and debris stuck on the filter restrict the flow and movement of air. This results in inefficient and uneven indoor air distribution. It can also put undue pressure on your air conditioner, pushing it to work harder than it should.  

  • What you can do about it: Clean your furnace filter and check for problems regularly. If a replacement is necessary, choose a filter with a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value  (MERV) rating.   

Your HVAC system is faulty

An effective HVAC system should be able to accommodate, produce and distribute the right amount of air day in and day out.

  • What you can do about it: Check if the number of air vents is sufficient to support such a system.

Ductwork leakage

When air inside the ducts escapes through holes and cracks, it naturally won’t be able to reach its intended destination.   

  • What you can do about it: Ask a professional to inspect the ductwork and make the necessary repairs to promote better airflow.

Your ductwork hinders instead of promotes efficient airflow

Many common reasons behind poor air flow that may be traced to the air duct is duct leakage. Duct runs are designed to deliver air throughout your home. But if it has not been installed nor configured properly, it may end up doing the opposite of its job.

  • What you can do about it: Assess the duct runs in your home and consider how air travels through them. Conduct the necessary repairs and replacements that will allow air to travel freely. Re-install your ducts according to the size of the home. 

Do you think it’s time to have a professional come to your home and take a look at your air flow issues? Contact your local hvac company in Concord, Ca, at Hometown HVAC today!

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