How Often Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

How Often Should My Furnace Filter be Replaced

Now that fall is here, more and more households will surely be using their heating systems to cozy up their homes when the temperatures drop. However, after not being used for quite a while it’s best to carefully inspect the condition of your furnace. One of the most important things to do is to check whether the furnace filter needs to be changed. This filter plays an important role in ensuring proper heating throughout the chilly seasons.

You may be thinking that it hasn’t been long since you changed your furnace filter. That may be so but it is always a good idea to check your filters monthly. The time when it should be replaced is not fully dependent on how long it has been used. It’s more a matter of indoor air quality.

If you are wondering when and how often a furnace filter be replaced, here are the three things you need to consider:

Type of Furnace Filter.

Furnace filters vary based on their materials, form, thickness, and price. Here’s the general rule when it comes to furnace filters: If you bought them cheap, you can be sure that their functional lifespan can be short. This means they will need to be replaced more often. Refer to the product information provided on how long the filter is expected to last. Then take into consideration how often you will use your heating system as well as the overall condition of the filter when you inspect it. Typically you will end up using a reusable or washable furnace filter or a disposable one.

The Air Quality in Your Home.

This is one of the reliable indicators of how well the filter is functioning. If the air quality in your home is already causing allergies in people and even the pets, it’s time to replace the filter. Pets may also be the cause of your allergens or poor indoor air quality as you will learn below. The more dust and dander floating around in your home, the more often your filter can become clogged. The main job of the filter is to make sure that the system releases clean, conditioned air, so if it’s no longer doing that task well, then you better replace it as soon as you can.

Pets at Home.

Having furry little cuties indoors can definitely overwork the filters and shorten their working span. The hairs, dust, dander and other elements from the outside can easily make their way to the heating system’s filter. When this debris enters your filter it can quickly affect its working quality or performance. The changing seasons can affect how much cats and dogs shed. Over the summer, some animals shed more. Come fall when you wish to use the furnace more, it would be smart to change the filters by then.

Before you turn your furnace on for the first time, we recommend a furnace tune-up from your Hometown heating and air conditioning company.


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