What Are the Benefits of a Heat Pump?

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What Are the Benefits of a Heat Pump?

Heating your home is a great source of comfort in the bay area as temperatures begin to drop this fall. HVAC systems are responsible for warming your home, and there are different heating systems available, one of which is the heat pump.A heat pump functions a lot like a refrigerator. Refrigerant courses through linked indoor and outdoor coils. To provide heat, the liquid refrigerant flows to the outdoor coil and as it goes through an expansion valve. The fast expansion of the liquid transforms it into gas. This then leads to the rapid cooling of the refrigerant, and as it courses through the outdoor coil, it absorbs heat energy from the air. Afterwards, it goes through a compressor that increases its pressure and temperature. And finally, it flows through the indoor coils where it condenses and emits latent heat. If we have lost you with the technical jargon,

Here are the Benefits of a Heat Pump?

Compared to other heating systems, the heat pump is known to provide a few more advantages.

It is Highly Efficient at Converting Energy to Heat

Maximum efficiency is achieved when there’s just a very small difference between source and supply temperatures. It’s worth mentioning as well that there are models that can provide adequate heating even in temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius – it doesn’t get this cold in California.

Maintenance Only Needs to be Done Once a Year

For other HVAC systems, maintenance has to be carried out every season. Annual maintenance can help you prepare enough for the cost of professional service.

It Provides a Medium to Fast Source of Heat

This is a great advantage especially when it’s an unbearably cold day and you want to create the ideal comfortable interior temperature at home right away.

A Heat Pump can Provide Cooling as Well

Traditional radiators and other portable heating systems can only provide heat. It’s a two-functions-in-one deal, which is great.

It Lasts an Impressively Long Time

It lasts an impressively long time; therefore, even with the higher initial cost (for both the price of the unit and installation), it’s completely worth it. As heat pumps only move heat and do not actually produce it, they have a very high ratio of heat output to energy input. Some heat pumps that qualify for the ENERGY STAR label have COP’s as high as 5.7. Heat pumps are currently the only form of heating, aside from solar, where the COP is often higher than 1; this makes them the most efficient form of purchased space heating commonly available.So, if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to make your home warm and cozy during the chilly seasons, consider a heat pump as your source of interior heat. For more information about adding a heat pump to your home contact your local heating and air company in Walnut Creek today!
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