Do I Need Air Conditioner Refrigerant for My HVAC System?

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Do I Need Air Conditioner Refrigerant for My HVAC System?

Although HVAC systems are pretty standard in Contra Costa and Tri-Valley Area homes, very few people actually know how they function. We know they are designed to  create the ideal indoor temperature, but beyond that how does your HVAC system really work? If you find that your HVAC system isn’t heating or cooling your home as quickly and efficiently as it used to, the culprit could be that it’s dirty. The filters may be thick with dust and other kinds of debris or it could be low on air conditioner refrigerant. A dirty HVAC system is easy enough to detect. However, if low refrigerant levels are the true problem, this issue is not going to be easy to identify unless you are a trained professional. So, if you’re asking, “Do I need refrigerant for my HVAC system?” HVAC specialists in Concord, CA have shared the three indicators that an HVAC system is already low on refrigerant. 

Your home's Air Conditioning system releases hot air

Air conditioner refrigerant is what makes the system produce cool air, so if the HVAC system is on and it’s correctly set to cool and yet it doesn’t cool at all, it’s quite likely that it’s low on refrigerant.

The refrigerant line has ice on it

Low air conditioner refrigerant means low pressure. Low pressure means low temperatures that have the ability to freeze the evaporator coil. In order to see the evaporator coil; your HVAC technician will remove the AC cover, and then the filter to expose the  evaporator coil. At this point they will be able to tell if a frozen line is causing the issue. When the evaporator coil freezes, the cold liquid refrigerant courses through the refrigerant line; this causes the moisture in the air to freeze, hence the ice on the refrigerant line. This is something that can occur in the Summer. Ice on the refrigerant line can also indicate a different problem with the AC, though, and not just that the system is low on refrigerant.

The HVAC system produces a lot of noise when it’s turned on

The noise you hear is a cross between a hissing and bubbling sound. It indicates that there’s great pressure in the refrigerant lines, which may be due to a large refrigerant leak. A leak is the only reason why the system would be low on refrigerant.

Refrigerant Leak

Since a refrigerant leak is truly the only reason for an HVAC system to have low refrigerant, it’s a must to have a highly skilled HVAC technician inspect the system and repair it. Repairing the leak is the only way to correct the problem and restore the proper working order of your system. Hometown Heating and Air has the tools and skill to perform a leak search on your refrigerant lines. From there they will determine the severity of the leak. They will then recommend the best course of action for repair. Sometimes the repair will be covered under warranty. However, other times you will need to determine whether the system is worth investing in repairing or worthy of replacing.
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