Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Furnace Fixed

A well-maintained furnace is the key to a cozy, comfortable and most important safe experience for you and your family during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, furnaces—like any appliance or home system—can and do need repairs at least once within their lifetimes.There are many common culprits to furnace problems; furnace issues require calling in a professional company, such as Walnut Creek Heating and Air Conditioning in CA, to solve your problem. Read on to find out everything you need to know about fixing your furnace.lazy load gifCan you fix the problem on your own?Furnaces are complex equipment systems, but there are some very minor problems that you can try to fix on your own before calling a professional company like Walnut Creek HVAC.
  • Dirty filters: if your furnace filter is dirty, you can replace it with a new, clean filter. Dirty filters cause your furnace to work overtime due to blocked air, which results in a cooler house—but an overheated furnace. Replacing the filters usually solves the problem, but if you haven’t been getting your furnace cleaned regularly, the build-up may be inside the furnace as well. (Which you should call a professional for!)
  • Thermostat problems: Sometimes, the trouble with your furnace is actually trouble with your thermostat. Double-check your thermostat to make sure that the batteries aren’t low, it’s set to the proper setting, and that there are no external factors affecting its temperature. (For example, lamps located near thermostats have been known to up the thermostat’s internal temperature, resulting in misreading)
  • An open door: If the panel door to your blower’s motor is open, your furnace won’t be able to operate. Someone may have accidentally left the panel open, which causes a safety feature to kick in—and your furnace to be out of commission. Before calling in the professionals, make sure that an open door isn’t the cause of your problems.
When to call the professionalsSometimes, you won’t be able to solve your furnace issues on your own. That’s when you should call an experienced, professional furnace repair company to help you out. The following are some of the most common problems that require professional assistance.
  • Poor maintenance: If you haven’t been getting your furnace cleaned on an annual basis—preferably just before the cold season begins—then you are likely overdue for a thorough look over by a professional. A furnace “checkup” can cover everything from cleaning out a potentially clogged furnace to testing its motors on varying settings.
  • Air duct problems: Some of the most common furnace problems are actually caused by your home’s air ducts! Air ducts can get clogged, torn or weakened by animals, excessive dirt or even just natural wear and tear. A professional can clean, repair or replace damaged air ducts.
If you are looking for the best furnace repair in Walnut Creek, CA, look no further than Walnut Creek HVAC.
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