Why Summer is the Ideal Time to Inspect your Furnace

lazy load gifFurnace inspection might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when the sun is beaming down its warm rays in the summer months. After all, you’ll probably start thinking about that when you need to, right? The answer is both straightforward and perhaps not as simple as you think: if you want to keep a well-running furnace that work reliably when you need it, a bit of regular maintenance and inspection makes your life a lot easier down the road, but that begins in the summer months. With this ethos of preventative care in mind, heating systems remain easy to maintain and generally trouble-free.The summer is the perfect time to do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the system has generally been out of use for a long stretch of time, meaning it is time to clear out the cobwebs and make sure components that typically are to blame for malfunction are working as intended. These include components in your thermostat, distribution system, or heat/cold source, which tend to be your main culprits here, so bear this in mind if you are doing a home inspection. Also, you will want to make sure that your filters are clean: rinse permanent filters monthly; every two months, clean electronic air-cleaner filters; change pleated filters every three months; and examine fiberglass filters once a month (when furnace is in use).Additionally, if there are any problems, you will have plenty of time to address any issue and ensure that you and your loved ones will not be left out in the cold when the weather turns. Whether you discover an electrical malfunction yourself or elect to have professionals like Walnut Creek Heating and Air Conditioning take a look, know that you will be doing yourself a favor by taking the initiative now and having your furnace inspected during the summer.
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