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The age old phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned” could not ring any truer than in the field of heating and cooling. Think about all the ways you and your family waste energy at home. Since most of us are oblivious to our wasteful usage habits, this may be difficult to contemplate at first.

When you stop to consider how much of an effect running the air conditioner or furnace 24/7, not using fans, or leaving faulty windows and doors intact have on your bottom line financially, it does not take long to recognize the need for a change.

That being said, to do that (and save quite a bit of change in the process), listed below are just a few of the top ways you can cut back on your monthly energy usage and bill. Every bit adds up; you will be surprised at how much savings an ignorant turned eco-friendly homeowner can save over the course of a year!

Are you ready for savings? The no-frills guide to conserving more cash at home

  • Seal up the chimney if you have one – although wood burning fireplaces are notorious for expending the bulk of the heat they produce up chimney flues, a damper that is not fully closed will waste even more. Seal it airtight and expect roughly 8% more heat to stay indoors where you want it! This is a very cheap and simple job, but is one that pays back in spades.
  • Get a handle on those air leaks – draft-inducing windows are doors are supreme energy hogs, which is why you should make it a goal to upgrade your existing ones with high-efficiency models. In the meantime, caulking the gaps around the frames and replacing worn hardware can net you roughly 10% in annual energy savings. For your information, this converts to upwards of $170 per year; you can thus recoup your investment within a single season!
  • An HVAC system tune-up is in order – you can cross your fingers all you want, but there is going to come a time when your furnace or air conditioner require routine servicing. Preventative maintenance and upkeep simply cannot be avoided; a standard tune-up usually runs $100, and is meant to check for all types of potential issues. Furnace filter replacements and ductwork leak sealing alone makes this expense more than worthwhile. We cannot stress enough how important it is to schedule tune-ups, especially in the long-term!

You have probably heard all of this advice before, but if you are like many homeowners, never acted on it. Follow these tips and we guarantee you will notice a marked drop in your energy bills; it is only natural!

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