Why condenser coils needs to be cleaned regularly

The important thing to remember about all residential and commercial HVAC systems is that in order to work well, every part must function properly. If one component is performing at less than optimal condition or worse yet, has begun to fault out, the entire system can be in jeopardy.

Most home and business owners are have a basic understanding of HVAC maintenance; for instance, they know they need to replace the furnace filter every three months, keep ductwork sealed and rid of excessive debris buildup, and to ensure outdoor air conditioning units are free from grass and leaves.

However, another critical yet commonly overlooked aspect of routine heating and cooling system maintenance is ensuring the condenser coils are kept clean. Dirty coils are usually more of a problem in dusty regions and areas prone to high winds, but it is nevertheless an issue you will encounter no matter where you live.

The importance of clean condenser coils

Understanding the role coils play in your HVAC system’s operations is helpful for further recognizing the importance of keeping them in excellent shape throughout the year. After liquid refrigerant undergoes a process of high pressurization in the compressor, which thereby increases its temperature, it is transferred to the condenser coil.

The coil’s job is to release the excess heat out of the lines, thus simultaneously cooling the refrigerant down to normal operating temperature. When done successfully, the liquid continues to flow into the evaporator coil, allowing warm air to pass over the refrigerant, eventually creating the ice-cold effect we all know and appreciate on hot summer days!

Now that we have described what happens during normal circumstances, let us assume the condenser coils have not been cleaned in a long time and are lined with dirt and dust. As you can probably imagine, the possibility of efficient heat transfer is severely limited when the coils are clogged. The exact opposite occurs.

Warm air and costly repairs

Instead of dissipating the heat, the coils work to insulate the lines, which can quickly lead overheating and all of the associated problems that come with it! What kinds of issues arise when coils are left unclean? Well for starters, electric bills typically tend to soar, since the air conditioner is essentially working 30% harder. What’s more, since the refrigerant is not able to cool down properly, in the best case scenario, your AC will blow lukewarm air.

The longer your condenser coils go without being serviced, the greater the likelihood that you will be faced with a major mechanical breakdown. Coil cleaning comes standard with routine HVAC system maintenance. Contact Walnut Creek Heating and Cooling today to schedule your next, semi-annual system check-up!

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