Common Myths about Heating and Cooling Equipment

Myths. Old Wives’ Tales. Stories. Whatever word you choose to describe them, there are a bunch of fallacies floating about in the HVAC industry that need to be debunked. You have probably been subjected to a few of them a time or two, and may have even wasted a fair amount of money by doing so.

So let us cut to the chase and end these mistaken beliefs altogether! To be clear, many of these “myths” seem like commonsense, and therefore easily believable, but this is simply not the case. The sooner you can separate truth from fiction, the better off you will be.

Down to Brass Tax: False HVAC Assumptions

The first myth we would like to address has been brought up repeatedly by unknowledgeable home and business owners. It is the belief that since your heating and cooling system is running, then it must be running well. Just because a furnace fires up and is heating a house does not mean it is doing so efficiently, or safely for that matter.

HVAC equipment, like all mechanical and electrical devices, simply cannot be left operating without routine maintenance. Regular inspections are required to ensure all components are performing optimally, and that no problems are going left unnoticed.

As a leader in the industry, we know just how silent and deadly these types of issues can be. What may seem like a healthy furnace or air conditioner today could very well cost you hundreds or thousands in damage tomorrow; the key is hiring a licensed contractor to perform comprehensive system checks on a periodic basis.

Know the Facts

Along with this, many people believe the common misconception that replacing the furnace air filter is the only type of maintenance they need to do. Although definitely important, this is far from the sole upkeep job required for proper system functioning. Others include checking and cleaning the blower, assessing air conditioning refrigerant levels, ensuring pilot lights are not defective or malfunctioning, as well as assessing and adjusting the burners when needed. Failing to do any one of these tasks can have long-term, detrimental effects.

The next myth is not limited to the HVAC field, but continues to be a big problem nonetheless. When hiring a heating and cooling company, the quality of the work performed always matters more than the price of the service.

You should never base this decision on cost alone, as the work done by an inexperienced contractor almost always needs to be re-performed by one of their licensed, qualified counterparts. This means you end up paying more in the long run, and possibly running the risk of making your HVAC equipment susceptible to substantial damage. Although higher prices do tend to reflect comparable experience and work quality, there are always many businesses that advertise cheap rates at the expense of their unassuming customers. Do not be duped into using an inferior heating and cooling contractor, especially those that operate without a license or adequate insurance.

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