5 Money-Saving HVAC Tips to Know

You have probably been told more times than you count that frequently adjusting your home’s thermostat can be disastrous for that monthly utility bill, and that is quite true. Whether in the winter or summer months, large and/or numerous turns of the dial (often made in an attempt to rapidly heat or a cool a house) waste enormous amounts of energy, and ultimately are not an effective, eco-friendly method.

Stop wasting energy and money

Installing a programmable thermostat is just one way you can save a bundle on your annual utility costs, since these models are designed to subsequently increase and decrease the ambient temperature per pre-set guidelines.

This simple replacement will normally pay itself off within one heating or cooling season, and the rest is pure profit. Another way to save a considerable amount of money is by setting the thermostat to a higher degree in the summertime and lower in the winter. A few degrees above the standard 72 mark can have a huge impact, to the tune of 12% in energy savings!

If the rooms in your home are equipped with fans, be sure to use them whenever possible. There is a prevailing misconception that a fan can be used as a replacement for an HVAC system, but this is not entirely true. The purpose of these devices is to promote airflow and thus make one more comfortable, rather than cool the air directly.

By wearing fewer layers and using fans on a regular basis, you can get by without running the air conditioner for the better part of the cooling season. Commonsense has it that one should dress for the weather, so there is no point of wearing extra layers indoors (and cranking up the AC).

Simple tips for saving more cash

Your outdoor air conditioning unit is naturally exposed to the elements year-round, including the scorching sun. Keep it adequately shaded by planting nearby shrubs or plants, as this will allow it to perform more efficiently. AC units that operate in the shade typically consume 10% less than those that do not, and it does not take a genius to recognize the long-term cost savings of planting a few perennials!

Using only ENERGY STAR-rated HVAC equipment and home appliances is one of the best things you can do to save money on your energy bills. Replacing an older model with an energy-efficient counterpart can save up to $200 per year, and that figure pertains to each device. When you stop to consider swapping out your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and stove, the numbers definitely add up quickly!

Lastly, remember to contact your local utility company about any possible rebates or incentives they may offer for upgrading to eco-friendly devices or making similar home improvements. Hefty discounts are common, and every little bit helps! You never know how much you can save until you call, so you may just be in for a big surprise.

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