Upgrade Your HVAC System for the New Year

2014 has finally ended, and the New Year is among us. If you are like most people, this means making plenty of resolutions. Getting in shape is big one that a lot of us tend to take up, for our physical, mental, and financial health!

Is now the time to upgrade?

Unlike thousands of homeowners who forget each year to also pay attention to their housing needs, be the one that dedicates some much-needed time and money to your HVAC system. There is never a bad time to upgrade a heating and cooling system, especially if your existing one is on its last leg, is using higher than average amounts of energy, or both!

It is not unreasonable to see hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of one season’s use, and that our friends, is hardly something to balk. At this very moment, you could be wasting gas and electricity by running that old energy-inefficient furnace or air conditioner, so wise up and make it a point to save a bunch of cash in 2015.

If your current setup has been recently faulting out or experiencing a number of service issues, your wallet is not the only thing in jeopardy. Problematic air conditioning units and furnaces also pose safety hazards when not maintained properly, and one of the main ones is a marked decrease in indoor air quality caused by restricted airflow through duct lines.

What to know before buying new

There a few factors to take into consideration before determining whether you should invest in a new HVAC system. In most cases, any unit that is 10 years or older is a dead giveaway for an upgrade; while exceptions do apply, due to the problems that can arise with aging heating and cooling devices, most contractors will advise their customers to buy new.

Aside from protecting yourself from the financial setbacks associated with a potentially large repair bill, the technology used in modern HVAC components is designed to maximize performance output and efficiency. This in turn translates to major, long-term savings. Remember, nearly ½ of your home’s annual energy consumption comes from heating and cooling, so it pays to use the best product available within your budget.

If your HVAC system was built within the last 10 years, we strongly recommend having a thorough inspection performed to ensure an air leak is not the source of those high utility bills. We have heard of too many people spending thousands on a new furnace, when all the while the main cause was a ductwork malfunction. A comprehensive heating and cooling assessment is costs a whole lot less than a complete system upgrade. Last but not least, if you are planning on purchasing a new HVAC unit, make sure to use a reputable, licensed contractor for the job. A bad installation will effectively ruin even the most top of the line products, so take the time to hire a qualified business.

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