A Pre-Season Furnace Check Can Save You Hundreds

Every year, millions of homeowners cringe at the thought of watching their utility bills rise steadily with the dropping temperatures that the winter season brings. This is to be expected and is rarely a surprise, although the occasional, major cold front never fails to shock even the most prepared of us!

Heating bills are always higher than their cooling counterparts, at least in temperate climates and northern regions, so it is worth investing your time and money into routine heating system maintenance. Before the weather turns too nasty and cold, do yourself a big favor and contact an HVAC company in your area. Autumn furnace checks are typically conducted in October and November, and it is always a good idea to have this done sooner rather than later.

Why you should check your furnace in the fall

You may find yourself waiting impatiently for help to arrive if you procrastinate or put the service off too long, since winter is the busy season for heating and cooling contractors, and thus when their rates tend to be on the high side. Furthermore, servicing your furnace now may stave off unexpected and an unexpectedly costly repair bill.

Sometimes, more often than not for that matter, it is the avoidance of simple fixes that leads to major expenses. You know the kind that come out of nowhere and can completely ruin your “rainy day” budget! There are a number of problems that may occur with your furnace, some of which are more frequent, but all of which can cause detrimental harm to the performance and longevity of your home heating system.

Did you know, for example, that rodents such as squirrels and mice, are notorious for seeking shelter inside furnaces, where they will make their nests from chewed electrical wiring, and ultimately wreak havoc on otherwise healthy devices? It is true and a bit of a problem in certain areas, so do not be surprised if you hear scratching sounds coming from venting system.

Ductwork offers a warm, safe place for these animals to take refuge, and it does not take much for them to make entry. Mice in particular are incredibly adept at fitting into even the smallest of cracks and crevices, so it is a good idea to have an HVAC contractor check your duct lines for potential breaches during their inspection. Another big issue we tend to come across are dirty filters that have been neglected.

This needs to be done no later than every three months; the maintenance intervals for air filter replacement are shorter still for people who live in dusty climates and/or near busy roadways. To put it lightly, a clogged filter is disastrous for any furnace, since it restricts airflow and causes your system to work much harder than it needs to (and is consistently capable of). Would you rather pay to replace a $20 filter or dole out hundreds in repairs for a could be simple fix? Walnut Creek Heating & Air Conditioning has provided top of the line residential HVAC services to customers living in the Contra Costa and Tri-Valley areas for many years. From preventative maintenance to new installations, we have your needs covered!

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