Meet Our Office Team

  • Brian Waskow
    Brian Waskow Owner and Founder
  • Jessica Lobban
    Jessica Lobban Corporate Development
  • Lance Bakke
    Lance Bakke Install Manager
  • Torrey Lowder
    Torrey Lowder Chief Financial Officer
  • Hylton Mockler
    Hylton Mockler Sales Manager
  • Melea Osborne
    Melea Osborne Service and Sales Coordinator
  • Alexis Evans
    Alexis Evans Call Center Manager
  • Gabby Lichtig
    Gabby Lichtig Marketing Manager
  • Rick Graham
    Rick Graham Warehouse Supervisor
  • Dorothy Payne
    Dorothy Payne Human Resources Generalist - Coming Soon
  • Emanuel Quintero
    Emanuel Quintero Accounting Associate
  • Ivy Lobban
    Ivy Lobban Puppy Manager
  • Papito Waskow
    Papito Waskow Senior Bird Supervisor

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