Do You Really Need A Furnace Replacement?

One of the things that are easy to take for granted especially during the warm months is the furnace. Who thinks about such things when you are not using it? But it’s important to have a good understanding of its condition rather than find out about issues too late. You do not want to discover furnace problems in the middle of winter and not have a heating system even for just a few days during the cold months. To check if you need a furnace replacement, look out for the following factors.

1. Age. 

The average lifespan of a furnace is around 20 years. So, if you have had it for some time now, it is time to check its condition. A smart practice is to establish a regular overall check-up and assessment schedule with the help of local heating professionals whether your furnace is fairly new or already several years old.

2. Your electricity bill is higher. 

Just like any other machine, new ones are very efficient and energy-saving. The older models don’t have energy-efficient features yet and may also have some performance problems, which result to a higher electricity bill.

3. You’ve been doing constant repairs. 

Do you constantly call a friend or an expert to have a look at your furnace because it does not seem to keep the house warm enough? Are the repairs becoming more and more expensive? If the repairs cost you almost half or more than half of a brand new furnace, it is definitely time to have it replaced.

4. The temperature in different areas of the house is not the same. 

Do you notice that when you are in the living room, it feels warm enough, but the temperature feels lower when you enter the bedroom? Or it could be vice versa. Uneven distribution of heating is a sign that there could be something wrong with your furnace.

Having your furnace replaced now instead of waiting for it to totally break down will save you loads of money. A repair may cost you less than a unit purchase right now, but about after a few weeks or perhaps a month? Aside from cost considerations, the comfort levels in your home is another factor that can be at risk due to a problematic furnace.

To ensure optimal performance from your furnace and experience daily energy savings, call trusted home heating experts for an assessment of your heating system today.